Welcome to Lexington Point Apartments


Welcome to Lexington Point Apartments… where we combine luxury, quality, and comfort to give you the best experience you can find. Our new apartments are perfect for anyone looking for a plush home with a 2-car garage.

When you come to Lexington Point Apartments, you get the best of all worlds. When you’ve been in business 20+ years, like we have, you know how to create the perfect atmosphere.

Lexington Point Apartments are much more than just condos for rent. No, we are your perfect getaway.


We give you class, comfort, and options. Call us today to discuss our private entry apartments and private garages.

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Our nearby freeway makes it convenient to get to where you need to be.

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Close to recreational paths, beautiful lakes, walkways, restaurants, and plenty of greenery.


We're conveniently located by a popular shopping area.


Enjoy the coffee shop and restaurant that are within walking distance from our community.